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Super creepy and wonderful! Beautiful artwork.

We're glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

this reminds me of ghibli :D but of course the last puzzle is a coincidence because i dont understand japanese

You can solve the last puzzle even if you don't speak Japanese.
There are clues hidden in the last message you get on your cellphone.
Thanks for playing!

This was so amazing! I absolutely loved the art style,   I wish there was more to it, but it was a great ride!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!


Thanks a lot!!!!

One of the best indie horror games I've played so far! 😍
Be sure to share if you enjoy the video, thanks! 😄❤️

Thanks a lot for the video! We're glad you liked the game!

oh gosh wow!!! I love the art and the ending was so cool!

Thank you!

This game is so beautiful!!!! I love it so much! Especially all the work and effort you put into it!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! We're glad you liked the game!



Thanks for playing our little game!

Hey, one of the best game youtuber in Korea did play review of your game. 

Great! Thanks again for your translation!
We're glad the game was so much enjoyed in Korea!!!

compelling story, interesting backgrounds, nice artwork.

Thansk for the game!

We're glad you liked it!

This game is brilliant! I love the art so much! You guys did such an amazing job. This game has mild creepy vibes but nothing too scary. There was a lot of mystery going on as well. It was nice to play a game that shows some Japanese folklore. Here is a little gameplay I did for this game xD

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
Japanese folklore has such a unique imagery... It inspires us so much.
Thanks for the video!

I played this game as part of Halloween games, and really enjoyed it~ The paintings are beautiful, and I loved how much it was steeped in the atmosphere!

Thanks for playing our game for Halloween.
We're glad you liked it!

This game is absolutely gorgeous! And creepy! I love both the story and artwork! My LP from a few months back:

Thanks a lot for your kind words!!!

Je viens tout juste de découvrir cette expérience via la vidéo d'At0mium sur Oui, expérience parce qu'il s'agit pour moi plus d'une expérience narrative interactive que d'un jeu vidéo dans son sens le plus commun.

Une expérience narrative courte certes, mais profitant d'une superbe réalisation. Le travail graphique (bravo aux étudiants qui ont travaillés sur le projet avec l'Atelier Sento) et sonore (musique et sound design) pousse une ambiance à la fois inquiétante et oppressante mais pourtant si calme et paisible. On aurait même voulu être immergé dans cet univers plus longtemps.

Un beau projet qui mérite d'être connu, et qui sait, peut-être même d'être étoffé un jour ?

J'attend en tout cas avec impatience The Coral Cave (les premiers visuels font rêver !).

Merci beaucoup pour ton très gentil message !
Nous sommes très contents du travail des lycéens qui ont participé à l'atelier. Ils se sont donnés à fond et ça se voit !
De notre côté, cette expérience nous a donné des idées et il est probable que nous développerons ce type d'ambiance et de visuels dans dans des projets à venir.

This game was really cool to play! I love the art style and the music. Atmosphere is great!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! We're glad you liked the game!

please i need languages in spanish T.T

Sorry, there's no plan for a Spanish translation right now.
Let's hope there will be an opportunity for it one of these days.

Really well done game! Thank you, I enjoyed it! Awesome storytelling, music and of course painting. Horror brought to another level with the correct ambience.

Thanks a lot! We're glad you liked this little experiment!

Gave it a go...


Had fun playing the game. Still can't believe this was just made in 2 days. The puzzles were great, and I think people who didn't know Japanese probably took too long to solve the eyeball puzzle (or they coincidentally guessed it)

Overall a great game. Would love to see more games from the devs.

Also here's my gameplay video, if you're interested.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
About the eyeball puzzle: it contains all the clues to be solved by people who don't know Japanese (each character is translated in romaji so you can read the entire word). But watching at some Let's Play, we noticed that the language barrier made many people think it was just impossible to solve. Maybe the same puzzle with symbols instead of kanji would have been easier to solve... So, even if we liked the idea of making people read a short Japanese sentence, we probably won't do another puzzle like that in the future.
Let's Play are interesting to watch: we learn a lot about how people react to puzzles!
Thanks for the video!

This was a great story type game! The art work was awesome! Great game! :D 


Thank you for your kind words!

Honestly one of the best little story based games I played in the last months!
Amazing art work! Props to everyone who worked in this project!
Big hugs!

Thanks a lot for your kind words! We're glad you liked our little game!

This game was amazing! I loved it!

COME IN MY MOUTH | Yurei Station Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I really admire how much work went into this! Also the story is A+ even though I didn't get it at first ;P


We're glad you liked the story! Thank you!

I loved this game it was very well done the drawings made the game have its own unique game play it took me a bit to understand what the ending was all about and i had go through the game one more time to piece  together what happen but other than that great job with this game!

Thanks for your kind words!
We wanted the story to be very mysterious, even after the ending. We hope it wasn't too frustrating.
It's great you played it one more time to look for hints!

This was such a nice game. Though really short. But for its length, we enjoyed the experience, it's beautifully made and has a nice atmosphere with the sounds and music. Would love to see more work from you!

Thank you for playing our little game. We'd love to create a longer game with that style, one day!

That would be awesome :)

This was brilliant! It had a certain charm to it that I can't quite put my finger on right now.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Oh, hi! Let me tell you just how much I enjoyed the atmosphere of this game. And the pencil and watercolor design! It instantly reminded me of childhood. Aw, you know, some 3D children book. And I liked this whole spooky atmosphere. It was nice, kind of scared me one time with that figure running in front of us xD I was lacking a little bit of background story of our ghost weird 4 arms guy (what the hell is wrong with him?!! xD), but AAAAANYWAY I really liked the game, it was nice. So continue doing what you're doing, I hope to see something else as cool as Yurei Station from you in future ^_^


Thanks a lot for your feedback! We're glad you liked the game.
It motivates us to create more project like this in the future!

Aw, you're welcome. And that's good to hear ^_^

Hello! I loved your game, it was beautiful in its simplicity as well as over all design and it was an interesting way to tell the ghost story! I made a let's play of it here~

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

You're more than welcome! Good luck with your future projects :D

Loved this so much! It was inspiring to know that the art was made by high school students! I hope that more projects like this happen in the future!

Thanks for the video! Yes, we'll make more projects like this with other students!

Awesome! I think it's great to get students involved in the creative process, especially when it comes to great visual story telling. Amazing work, thank you for your investment in the next generation! ♡

Just awesome. Got chills.

Thank you! We're glad you liked our small game!

What a lovely game!! So atmospheric.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Would you support Chinese language?

I can help if you want.

Thanks for the offer.
Unfortunately we don't have any budget so we don't have any translation planned...

(1 edit)


But what happend last?

Is the boy her dead boyfriend(or dead best friend) ?

She seems dead at last....(It's too bad if that's true)

Why the boy ghost kill her?....??

What happened last is left to the players' imagination. We did not want to explain everything in order to create a mysterious atmosphere.
We're glad you liked the game!

Loved the beauty of this game! I look forward to more games similar to this in the future (: 

Made a quick play with me gameplay below. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for the video! We'll try to make a longer game in that style in the future.

An interesting point and click ghost story with a beautiful art style and ominous sound design. There are a few simple puzzles to solve along the way too. Yurei Station was creepy if not outright scary and had a very surprising ending that stayed with me for a time after. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and is recommended.

Thanks a lot for your kind words. We're glad you liked the ending!
We wanted to keep it open to interpretation.
Some people may find it frustrating so it's great to know it worked for you.

What a fun, pretty game! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Thanks a lot for your kind words. It's so motivating!

This game looks nice and the story was more like a experience then just playing a game awesome job :D

Thanks a lot for playing our game! We're glad you liked it!

Wonderful artwork. Only wish it could be longer! A great experience regardless.


Thank you! We'll try to make a longer game in that style, one day.

This is truly gorgeous to look at, and also incredibly tense and spine-chilling at the same time. I loved every second of it, and really look forward to seeing more from you amazing people in the future =)


Thanks a lot for your very kind words and for making this video!!! We're glad you liked our game!

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