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Great Art work

una bella apología a el camino de la muerte, un estilo y un detalle brillante. 


I'm a little late to the party but I really loved this game. I played it for my YouTube channel and I'm very glad I did. The story was really creepy and interesting and the art is simply beautiful. It was unique and fun. It kept me on my toes the entire time. The puzzles were a little tricky but that's cause I'm dumb. 

You guys did an amazing job on this! 

Thank you for the experience. <3

un juego en verdad hermoso, el detalle es excepcional y se nota mucho el cariño con el que lo han hecho. sin duda alguna una joya


Franchement j'ai un truc à vous dire VOUS êtes mes créateur préféré j'adore s'que vous faite et en plus c'est en Français merci pour tout les jeu que vous avais créer j'aimerais créer comme vous mais je sais pas comment on fait enfin bref bon courage pour la suite 

Merci beaucoup pour ce message qui fait tellement plaisir ! Ca nous motive à continuer à créer de nouveaux jeux !

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Really cool game, loved the art style and puzzles and thanks for providing a Linux build! :)

You're welcome! We're glad the Linux build worked for you.

theres a macos problem where it says "this game needs to be updated", anyone have a solution?

We are so sorry you can't get the Mac build running. We don't have a Mac so we couldn't test the build and we have no idea how to update it so it works... Sorry!


I really liked this game! I loved how you incorporated hand drawn pictures in it and made it your whole game! It's brilliant!


Thanks a lot! We really like that technique and hope we can make more game like this one!


I hope you do as well! I'd definitely be down to play them! :D


This is the second game I’ve played that you made and I enjoyed it. I love how you involved students to color your games, and honestly the art is beautiful and a unique take when playing the game. I love how you incorporated puzzles in the game, I did have a hard time in one of them since I’m not that knowledgeable in the Japanese language but it was still fun to play. In the end it was a great and beautiful game to play. It had an interesting story and it was fun to venture in the environment. I’m looking forward to playing your other games! I hope you make more games like this one. 💖​​​​​

Thanks so much for your kind words and sorry for the confusing puzzle. We'll keep making more games so we can improve!


I had a lot of fun playing this, the art style was great and the puzzles were also neat, although I was really confused with the big face puzzle at the end but aside that this was really enjoyable, I liked the story and sound effects, good work :)


Sorry for the last puzzle. It's a bit confusing indeed... We're sad we didn't find a way to make it easier to understand...


It's alright, it definitely didn't ruin the over all experience.


Gorgeous game!! 

Thank you!


Loved the game, especially the way it was made, I'm a sucker for collaborative Multimedia projects so this was right up my alley
Would love to see you guys make an even longer game and also looked at the art on your website, some serious talent here
I made a video on itch games and included Yurei Station in it <3

Thanks for your kind words! We like collaborative projects as well!


I liked this game. Loved the 3rd person cartoon perspective, wasn't really expecting for it. While i personally love the doll shop more, this is still an interesting game thats worth playing. Yes i do wish it was abit longer like exploring the yurei world abit more but again there were many things like the eerie music, the suspense of what could be seen next as we go forward and the overall feel that kept me invested in the game. Good job keep making more games like these!

Thank you! We'd love to make another game like this one but longer. We enjoyed creating the 3rd person cartoon perspective and it's something we'll use again for sure!


Hello. I'm Japanese.

I was looking for an interesting game, and the Japanese title caught my eye, so I decided to play it. The hand-drawn watercolors gave it a Japanese taste, and I could feel the atmosphere of the Japanese countryside. It felt like I was watching Kamishibai (a picture-story show). It's a short game, but I thought it was a story filled with "Japanese style". Thank you for making such a wonderful art.


Thank you very much for your feedback!
We love Kamishibai so we appreciate this analogy a lot.
And thanks again for your kind words!


Amei esse jogo ele e tão fofo e tem uma historia legal pena que acaba rápido <3

Muito obrigado!


Hello! I really enjoyed this game, and after playing it I looked up all your games to play next. I think your idea about involving students and children to colour your games is interesting in the indie game space!!  (I would feel proud if something I helped colour was downloaded and played by thousands of people =w= )

Thanks a lot for your feedback! The students were very proud indeed to see so many people (and their favorite youtubers) play this game.


It was a great game. I love the art work and engagement with the way it was drawn and the puzzles. The Japanese architecture, figures from folklore, and atmosphere was cool. I know basic Japanese so it was cool deciphering the puzzle. Would love to see a full game similar to this style!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We'd love to make a full game in this style. Maybe one of these days...


I have fallen in love with this game it is so spooky and cute! <3

Thanks a lot for your kind words!


you know you can enguage people that are more experiensed in drawing  don t missunderstad me the draw is vey waaaw but you could do bettter whith other drawers  but its supercool 


This game was made during a workshop and we love how it looks (with all its qualities and flaws). But, of course, for our future projects, we won't work with highschoolers again. We'll do the art ourselves.


any way  everything  begin whith a small thing so continuous getting better and better  and you will see how everything will comme to you and  your team

Thanks for your encouragement!


I hope you do - I think the game looks great and it gives the game charm.


Sorry if this is too sudden, but is there a chance I can help add Arabic to the languages?

Hi, we appreciate your offer but, unfortunately, we don't have enough free time to add more languages to our previous games. Sorry!


No prob dude!

Thanks for responding😘

alguém pode me ajudar com o enigma da máscara

Read the last message on your phone: if you observe carefully you can recompose a word. Make the mask say it by clicking on the eyeballs in correct order. Hope it helps.

That was amazing. Great job.


Thanks a lot!

I have a 10.12.6 Sierra mac and it worked for me today! Such an incredibly gorgeous game, such hard work and such beautiful payoff. Really loved the plot also

Thank you for the feedback!

I cant play it on mac, it needs to be updated. I was looking forward to play it 🥺

We're so sorry: we don't have a mac so the mac version of the game has been released untested. We hope you could solve your problem and play the game.

Waah, thank you so much for the fanart!
It's very beautiful!

wow, really amazing animations. You can tell a lot of heart was put into it. Plus the game just has a good feel to it, not as corny as others

Found some quality game....nice work , it was good experience lookin forward to other games from you guy

I really liked the artwork the end. I wish I knew more about the story.

Really nice art and an interesting story. The puzzles weren't that hard but at the same time they weren't that easy, good game! Here's a video, hope you enjoy

I enjoyed the game but i dont undwerstand who that guy was :( and the art was amazing great work!!

Beautiful work. I was amazed at how good this was, since usualy I do not play such games. One of the puzzles I kinda got by accident even when I did not understand it. Yet, great work and lovely how much love went into this.

Here is my Video if your interested.

Beautiful game, really liked the artwork. The puzzles were good, not too hard but still make you think about it.

I had so much fun with this game! Beautifully made. I loved it!

I absolutely loved this game. The art was refreshing and a unique take on horror games. If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below.

Thank you very much for creating such a cute game based on the culture I grew up with. Beautifully drawn and presented by hands...

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I had quite a while back played this on my YT 

I really enjoyed the artwork and the thought behind this game, it's rare to actually see a game that has been handmade drawings, As an artist myself, this is one of my favs, It gives more ideas that games Do not have to be made only with a computer, that you can make it out of anything

The art is super beautiful, and the story is creepy and mysterious, not being too vague nor too obvious. The puzzles are fun, and it's a great short.


intresting game and love the spooky side of japanese culture

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