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Loved the beauty of this game! I look forward to more games similar to this in the future (: 

Made a quick play with me gameplay below. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for the video! We'll try to make a longer game in that style in the future.

An interesting point and click ghost story with a beautiful art style and ominous sound design. There are a few simple puzzles to solve along the way too. Yurei Station was creepy if not outright scary and had a very surprising ending that stayed with me for a time after. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and is recommended.

Thanks a lot for your kind words. We're glad you liked the ending!
We wanted to keep it open to interpretation.
Some people may find it frustrating so it's great to know it worked for you.

What a fun, pretty game! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Thanks a lot for your kind words. It's so motivating!

This game looks nice and the story was more like a experience then just playing a game awesome job :D

Thanks a lot for playing our game! We're glad you liked it!

Wonderful artwork. Only wish it could be longer! A great experience regardless.


Thank you! We'll try to make a longer game in that style, one day.

This is truly gorgeous to look at, and also incredibly tense and spine-chilling at the same time. I loved every second of it, and really look forward to seeing more from you amazing people in the future =)


Thanks a lot for your very kind words and for making this video!!! We're glad you liked our game!

This was incredibly beautiful...kudos to all of you for all the hard work that went into creating this masterpiece! 

Many thanks for your kind words! It's so motivating!!!

I had a chance to record and upload a playthrough of this game. I was a little confused about some stuff due to my lack of cultural knowledge, but I had so much fun playing! The art style is beautiful! And I would love to see more. I hope you enojy my video. Thank you again!


When we are in Japan, everything looks new and mysterious. But it's great to feel lost!
That's the reason why we try not to explain everything when we make a game or a comic book.
Our goal is that the player/reader feels like he is exploring a world he doesn't fully understand.
We're glad you enjoyed the game anyway. Thank you for the video!

I totally get that. As a gamer, it was a little frustrating. But as a human being, it was a little scary and really exciting to be lost and to see so many things I didn't understand. So you did a perfect job on accomplishing your goal! I haven't explored much of the world outside of my own country, aside from what can be seen and learned online and in books. So I would love to experience more like this! Thank you again! :)

Hi! I loved the game! Short, and beautiful. And that fact you are all just High School students, like me, blows my mind! Great Job you guys! 

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
The high school students did a great job with the graphics indeed!

Great Story telling with amazing art!

Thank you for your kind words!

I did a playthrough of this game. Beautiful art guys!

Thanks a lot for playing our game!

This game is top-tier beautiful <3 

It's a first time a cat play one of our games... Life goal achieved!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, I definitely enjoyed the game! <3

Like After School, I loved the art and the ambience of this game! I got stuck at the mouth puzzle, because my Japanese is very rusty lol. Other than that, I loved it!


You don't need to know Japanese to solve the last puzzle: just look at the last message. One word is repeated several time and, every time, a part of it is written in our alphabet. So you can reconstruct the entire word just by looking at the message.

A few days ago, we have released an updated version with a hint system. Hopefully, it will prevent people for being stuck.
Thanks for playing the game! We're glad you liked it anyway.

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I saw the word fragments on the phone, but I couldn't find the proper order, but maybe it was something simple that was right in front of me that I just overlooked or something. It was still a great experience :)

Trully an amazing game, i was surprised by the artstyle and the whole storry. Well done everybody :)


Thank you. We're glad you liked it!

Hey, I recorded a quick video of your game if you'd like to check it out! was really blown away by what I played

Thanks for playing our game!

i love the art style and the gameplay style with the cell phone was very creative!

i was honestly pretty spooked the entire time, even afraid to put down the phone--i'm so glad that it was not the gateway to a jumpscare (i hate those).

even without jumpscares, this game had me shaking in my boots almost the whole time while also delightfully intrigued at its puzzles and story.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
We don't like jumpscares either. It's so unfair to use them to frighten people!
Jumpscares scare people for a few seconds but a strong atmosphere can scare them for days!
In Japanese Horror films, ghosts move very slowly toward the camera and it's so effective it will haunt your nights forever!

Very nice and creative art style with an intriguing story line that makes your imagination run wild. I'm very impressed with this project and I would love to see more from this group of students. Here's a full playthrough that I made without commentary so you can just enjoy the story. Thank you and enjoy!

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Thanks a lot for your kind words!
I don't know if the students will make another game (it's up to them)... but we'll do more games with other groups of students for sure! We love to do workshops with young artists!

Loved this game so much! The real hand drawn art gave it its completely own style. It also reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Spirited Away... AMAZING JOB!

Thanks a lot! We love Spirited Away! It's such a wonderful film!
Last time we were in Tokyo, there was an exhibition of the original paintings and a huge handmade model of the bathhouse. It was so impressive!

LOVE THE GAME! Here's a Storytelling style let's play of it!

I love the artwork for this game. Especially for the amount of time you guys had to do this. It's crazy how talented and innovative some people can get, and you guys nailed it with every turn.


Thanks a lot for playing our game and for your very kind words!
This game was an experiment. It was the 1rst time we mixed 2D and 3D. We would love to make another game like this but we'll have to finish The Coral Cave first!

Hey there, Yurei Station team! Just downloaded and played the game and it is AWESOME! I love it so much. The art, the story.. They are wonderful. I think I wanna do a walkthrough for this game (Yurei Station) and upload it to Youtube. So here I am, asking for permission to do so, and can I monetize the video? Oh and here my Youtube channel if you wanna check it. 

Thank you for reading this and thanks for  making the game! Have a great day ahead.



No problem, you can do it! It's very nice to ask. Thank you!
We're glad you liked the game.

Thank you so much!!! <3 

Here's the finished product! >< 

Great job to all of the team! I'm always happy to see developers trying to be original and creating a unique game, especially this one with a gorgeous hand made art style, a treat for the eye :D The story is nice and suspenseful, and I like the gameplay mechanic using the phone.

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck with your future projects, cheers!

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Thanks a lot for your kind words! The students worked hard on the hand painted graphics so we're glad you liked the art!
And thank you for the video!

Nice little game.

Thanks for playing!

it grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into an awesome 18 minute game

Someone else who appreciated the game 

Cool! And there are many theories in the comments!
It's great to see so many people discussing about our little game.

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Great Game, So the Main character is A Yurei? I got the impression she committed suicide to be with her bf and the game is her journey to be with him, I know Torii gates lead to Shinto shrines, with the 4 armed guy at the end i'm wondering if her was impersonating her bf and is some kind of Yokai. I know Yurei are spirits who die through murder or suicide from family pressure and i'm guessing she was in an unapproved of relationship, was the guy older then her?

Oh one more thing, that mask/face is so familiar and i've been racking my brains to think why, but I can't remember, maybe you can shed some light on it, please

Thank you


Thanks a lot for your comment!
Your theory is interesting! We don't know what happened to the girl before she took that train. Is she still alive? What happened with her boyfriend? All we can do is guess...
At least we can tell you about the huge face: it's inspired by the Japanese Noh masks. here is a picture

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I'd love to see more games. Yokai theme would be cool

We'll probably do more yôkai themed horror game at some point. We loved making this one in collaboration with students but now we want to make another one with our own art. But we have to finish The Coral Cave first (it is also about yôkai but less horror).

That was a ton of fun! I'm glad I got to use my four semesters of Japanese to some use! I loved it! Quite spooky indeed. 

Ahah, some Japanese skills are a good way to solve the last puzzle, indeed!
We're glad you liked the game. Thank you for your kind words!

This game was AMAZING!  For a 2 day project, the team did an excellent job  the eerie music, the abandoned village, the dark water colors, they all played into giving me a sense of fear of what was to come.  Truly a work of art.  I really enjoyed!

Thank you so much for playing our game. Your words about it are so motivating!
We're glad you liked the atmosphere and the art.


Really enjoyed the game! I can tell that a lot of time and hard work was put into the creation of it, the hand drawn visuals are amazing and the story is able to wrap it all together rather nicely. Great work!


Thanks a lot for playing and for your very kind words!
It's so motivating!

I really loved everything about this game! The best thing is the symbolism of the journey! What do you all think is actually happening here? Would love to hear your opinion!

Thank you! We're glad you liked our game!
We like to keep our stories vague enough so players can fill the gaps with their own readings.
And it's great to read them in the playthroughs comments on youtube!

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an amazing fun little point and click

Thanks for playing our little game!

you are very welcome i really enjoyed it

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Another very interesting Japanese style game to add to my playlists, I enjoyed this one and the ending left me wondering a few things. 5.5,

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

We absolutely loved playing this game! :D It had such an eerie feel and the art was absolutely beautiful! The whole team did an amazing job :D

Many thanks for your kind words: we're glad you liked it!
Your voice acting was touching and captivating. It added a lot to the atmosphere.

This game was different and something i enjoyed playing

Thanks for playing and for your kind words! Your thumbnail for the video is excellent!

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This watercolor style WITH dynamic moving layers feels Amazing!
When no movement - screen feels like one solid image
but when it moves - whole thing gives nice deep sense of 3d environment
This is great contrast - i love it

also moments without any HUD elements feels like Art or Animation instead of game
and this is amazing - it gives much more immersion in story and environment
than any other visual novels or similar games
- i wish less "HUD elements" on screen and all HUD in same "watercolor" style
So they do not get out of style and do not break the immersion

But one thing I want for sure
to see more new games in same "watercolor" style with "deep" 3d environment feeling and sense of any motion
Thank you for this game : ]
i will remember it for long time..

PS. will be nice to see more story and longer time of play

Many thanks for your very kind and detailed feedback!
That technique of moving layers was a new experiment for us but we loved the result.
We'll try to create a longer and more complex game with that technique one day!
Thanks again!

Wonderful and atmospheric. A definite favorite!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!!!

Can I just say how amazing the art is in this game! To say you completed this game in 2 days as well makes it doubly impressive.


Thanks a lot for your kind words and for playing our game.
The thumbnail on your video is cool!

This game was amazing and gave me such an uneasy, horror feeling throughout the game. I loved the art so much.

Many thanks for playing our little game!

The game is so beutiful and creepy :)

Thank you for your kind words!

Vous avez un sens de la mise en scène vraiment époustouflant. Je trouve qu'au-delà de l’expérimentation avec des élèves (ce qui est vachement bien), le jeu est d'une grande qualité. Le gameplay épuré sert une narration très rodée. Enfin bref, une petite heure de jeu dans laquelle j'étais vraiment absorbé.

C'est vraiment trop gentil ! Ca nous motive à fond. Merci à toi !

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