RETURN OF THE SAMURAI: A short adventure game made in an afternoon, during a workshop at Japannecy, a Japanese culture festival.All the graphics and dialogues were made by the visitors (mostly children from 5 to 15). Drawings were scanned right after completion so people could immediately watch the result in game.

Release date May 31, 2015
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAtelier Sentô
Made withUnity
Tagschildren, Hand-drawn, japan, Point & Click, samurai
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French


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Another beautiful game by Atelier Sentô.  Great work.

Thanks a lot for the video!

Very lovely!

Thank you!

Once again I loved this game so much, I have now played all three that you have released and they are all amazing! I cant wait to see what you all do next!


Thanks a lot for playing this very small game.
It's our first one so we're glad you liked it!

This was really enjoyable, and has a really cool art-style! The music is really good too! Good job!

Thanks a lot for playing our little game! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Love these hand-drawn games! It seems so awesome that people made this in an afternoon! 


Thank you! We're going to release another game like this one, entirely hand drawn by twenty 10 years old kids.
It's so cute!

I would love to play this game someday :) sounds interesting

Thank you! It didn't work on your computer? It was the very first game we made with Unity and it was made in a very short time so it's far from perfect.

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yes it did on firefox :D it is good. the sketches look beautiful, did the kids do all the frames? or only the main ones and later were filled in with in-betweens ?

Oh, sorry for the very late answer! Yes the kids did all the drawings in this game. It was done in one afternoon so we didn't have time for animations so there is no in-betweens. When a character speaks, he is stretched in Unity to give the illusion of movement.