A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Day after day, in this desolate village, I take care of my dolls. They are my family. The people here wouldn't understand. But you're not like them.
If I tell you my secret… you won't be afraid.

Half romance, half horror, The Doll Shop will let you choose your fate.
But maybe you're already doomed...

Doll Shop is a free adventure game written and designed by Atelier Sentô, based on memories of their life in the Japanese countryside.
The graphics were hand-painted with watercolors by students, in 3 days (January 10, 12 and 13, 2018), during a workshop at ECV art school in Bordeaux, France.

Learn more about the making of the game: ateliersento.com/dollshop

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 28, 2018
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(421 total ratings)
AuthorAtelier Sentô
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Hand-drawn, Horror, Multiple Endings, Point & Click, Romance, Story Rich, Surreal, watercolor
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French, Japanese
Mentionsitch.io Recommends: beautiful, horrific...


TheDollShop_Win.zip 86 MB
TheDollShop_Mac.zip 101 MB
TheDollShop_Linux.zip 101 MB


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Oh boy oh boy this was a trip and a half in the best possible way and the art direction was absolutely stunning! Highly recommend

This was unsettling but so beautiful!!! Like the desolate, ice-covered small Japanese town in this game!! 

Very good game, wonderful atmosphere and sound design, beautiful graphics. Haunting and melancholy.


I loved this story. It definitely would've taken a long time doing this because wow, that was so much more than I expected. 3 endings??

Spoiler from here but I certainly wonder how he was just able to break that girl. Thank god she escaped in one of the endings, I swear I'd never want her suffering. Also, he drags her mother in one of the endings?? What?? What about his source of income?? He's truly insane I guess.

i loved playing this game it was sooooo fun and i got all the endings without having to look it up which is what i usually have to do

What a lovely game! The art is incredible, such a good job. And the ending oh my. 

Абсолютно невероятная стилистика, мне очень понравилось. На все концовки вышла довольно быстро (первой попалась C, потом, соответственно, B, и позже вышла на A), прохождение несколько рутинное из-за того, что сложно попасть мышкой во время работы с куклами на определённые элементы (трещины, к примеру, было адски тяжело стирать). Немного разочаровалась, что мы не узнали предысторию именно пропавшей девочки - о ней рассказали лишь отрывочно, мы поняли, что именно главный герой убил её и сделал своей "дочерью", но как он её нашёл, что случилось - мы так и не знаем, занавес остаётся закрыт.

Работа прекрасная! Удачи художникам и разработчикам в будущем!


really beautiful style and the atmosphere was great, i felt so unsettled throughout and the hinting at the truth and the indications that you pick up on when playing it again... so dark and so good


this game is amazing!!


Dam you with this game. C ending didn't let me sleep for 2 nights. It was Darkkkkk. I wish I could hold mouse to walk not just click spaming. At last very good game


absolutely amazing, beautiful artwork and investing storyline, you can tell the people who worked on this are really passionate


Beautiful graphics, creepy storline. I loved how there were multiple endings - I got A and B and will play again to get ending C. Scenario A starts at  0:15 Scenario B starts at 57:26. Play this for scenario C and let me know what happens! :)

Loved this game :) great storytelling and art!

okey i will follow you deserved it and well done don t stop doing this great things and fullfillinf your dreams

Played this game about 10 days ago and loved it. You should totally make more games like this.

Hey guys i've made a 40 minute long explanation video on your game including my theory! It was tough for me to piece the puzzle as the further i dig the more confusing things were so hopefully i've made one that makes sense! I would love it if you guys and my viewers let me know what you think of the video!


One of the best games I've ever played on here. Absolutely chilling, I loved it!

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played the game 2 weeks ago and it is just amazing the story was just perfect

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The story was really enthralling and capturing. The art style made it feel that much more like a story being told or something one would read in like a coloured book while still holding the feeling of the intriguing and mysterious atmosphere. Was  an amazing experience to go through!

excellent game

An amazingly eerie game with a charming art style. I love short horror stories that play with your expectations like this.


Hello, I am 10 and this game was so amazing. My largest Hobbie is lore and this game's lore is so deep and I think this game's lore will be my next project! Plus that art was amazing and it reminded me of me, my siblings, and my mom's love for Japan and china!

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I loved the game! The art is breathtaking and the whole atmosphere of the village is so creepy. Didn't expect endig B.

The only problem/bug/?? I found was in the bonus content:



Clicking on "Coral Cove" doesn't send you to the game page but to a gambling site called "The Coral Cave" (www.thecoralcave.com) lol

i just played through it the first time and i am in LOVE with this game!! definitely cant wait to replay it to get the other endings as well! There's so much love put into this game, and I couldn't stop once I'd started! Incredible!

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This game is absolutely chilling, the art is beautiful and the story and mechanics are incredibly creative. Each ending left me feeling like someone had reached into my chest and twisted its contents. The introduction of his favorite doll was like a twist that kept turning as the game went on! 


This game is absolutely NOT what I expected, and by saying that I mean that I'm surprisingly overwhelmed with what it actually is. The art style is amazing, and the narration gets into your head.

Here's the first episode of my palythrough:

Happy to hear that our game was a good surprise! Thanks for playing it!


A very beautiful and intriguing game, the narrative is powerful and the art is breathtaking!

Thank you! We love your games as well!




This Game is absolutely amazing. The Artwork and the Story which combines Horror with Romance is just great. Not convinced yet, take a look at the gameplay and enyoi the dense atmosphere:

Thanks a lot for the video!


No Problem, thank you much for for the emotional gaming experiance! ;-)


The artwork in this game is absolutely beautiful. The music is great, the story is also fantastic and eerie. I really enjoyed solving the mystery, and exploring the small town. I can tell everyone who worked on it put a ton of effort into it, it truly shows. 

I have only gotten two endings so far, but I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great game and for allowing me the experience! 


Many thanks for your feedback! We're so glad you had fun playing the game!


I only had the heart to get one of the endings. Could have probably gotten a second one but absolutely did not have the heart to get the third one so I know I missed out on SOMETHING but...

I can't believe that I managed to get what is probably the best ending first time! I was trying to get rid of her because the second I saw the life-size doll I knew and I knew how badly this could go. Why did he do it? I wish I understood. He kept saying no one understood and it's like...well obviously not also you haven't even tried to explain. 

So impressed when the typical convention of not having sprites for minor characters turned out to be a plot point/indicative of how he sees the world and so chilling to find out she turns the same way when she leaves in one of the endings.

Thank you so much for helping her escape this madness ;)

Agreed, I felt my heart drop when I saw her fade out like that.


I love this game and plan to play the rest of the endings soon. It has a great atmosphere, settings, music, art, character designs. and was an all-around fantastic horror experience. 


Thank you for your kind words and for the video!


I just finished playing the game and obtained all the routes! It's such a fun game with great graphics and drawing! I recommend you playing this game if you like a tint of a short psychological horror gam

Thanks a lot!

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I've obtained all 3 endings!! The art is amazing!!

I was on constant stress like the character when having conversations with young Sato, feeling like I have things to hide yet want to share. 

I have got the B and C first so I expected A to be the best, well it was for that extra scene. I was shocked to be honest. 

The overall experience was great, I enjoyed every bit of the story. The pace was not too slow or too fast, love it because it is perfect to take in the informations. 

Some minor flaws were the trees near the forest opening to the statue of the tanuki(?) lost their trunk in some scene. When I saw that was the scene I was supposed to go back to the house after visiting the shrine to find young Sato and obtained the porcelain shard. I wandered down there before going to my home and noticed it.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We're glad you liked the game that much!
The problem with the trees is a strange one. We have no idea how this could happen. We'll have a look at it. Thanks for reporting it!

This game is really good, i like the art and a whole story. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch if you want.

Thank you!




Thank you!


This game is amazing, I just finished all the three endings and I'm speechless. Definitely became one of my favourites and will always be. The art is so pretty to look at too

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback! It's so motivating!


THIS TOWN NEEDS MORE PEOPLE BRUH....can't wait to play the other half


Thanks for the video!


Really cute animation and visuals, sadly the story was a tad too boring and took too long for anything to happen for my taste. 

Sorry about that. It's difficult to find the right pace. Too fast or too slow... we'll do our best to reach a better balance next time!


Absolutely loved this game! The art, the sound design, the story! Can't wait to play the other games y'all created as well.  Excellent job!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

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