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Beautiful, beautiful game! It's interesting as a storyline! Fun little play!

Thanks a lot!

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Nice game i really like it! IT has good music and visuals. Hope you like my video :)

Thanks for the video!


I love the art style! The story was good and sad at the same time. I wish there was more to do but I appreciate the game all the same. I did a playthrough for my channel, I'll link it below if you're interested. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed the game!


The ambiguous ending and the atmosphere was brilliant. Loved this <3  and the work put into this game made it beautiful and artistic <3

Thank you! We're glad you liked our little game.

I love the art I just wish I had more options 😭


Thanks for the video!

I didn't quite get the story maybe I'm just slow or something but the art is gorgeous!

beautiful artstyle. can't wait to play more of your games


Thank you!


I enjoyed Yuurei Station, so I thought I'd come play another of your games. I love it! Amazing art as before! 

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

I'd played & enjoyed the original Nov 2015 version of 'After School'.

Are there any gameplay differences between the recent 30 Dec 2018 upload & the original 2015 version ? Or is the 2018 version merely using an updated Unity engine ?

It's mostly an update to make the gameplay smoother: the transition between the scenes, the character speed, the dialogue speed and the menus have been improved for a better experience. But the game (story + graphics) is the same.


Hello, I'm make a gameplay video. I love your game. I love the art style in this game. Have good story. Here is the video (Peertube) :

Note : I'm sorry if my English is bad.


Thanks a lot for playing our little game! We're glad you liked the art style and the story!


This game was really beautiful and I loved how the story played out! I enjoyed the flow and the scenery!


Thanks a lot for playing! We're glad you enjoyed our little game!

I enjoyed the art  style of the game. Had good story elements was a shame there wasn't really much interaction or, choices for the player to make.

This one is one of our first experiment with students so it doesn't have that much interactions.
Our following games have a similar art style and far more interactions and choices, so you may be interested!
Thanks for the video!

This was great, thanks!

Thanks a lot for playing!

A really beautiful game. The story is excellent. We love the art style (like in your other games).Another masterpiece from Atelier Sentô.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
This game is one of our first experiment with students so it may not be as polished as the following ones.
We're glad you liked it anyway!

its a great story!! But it feel creepy too

Thanks for playing!


That's one compelling "story-in-a-storygame" supported by a beguiling soundscape.

Or is it just a straightforward "sad secret love" story ? Curious questions arose in my mind after I researched the Japanese supernatural allusions in the game ...

Is the schoolgirl protagonist an Oni (おに) worshipper ? Or could she instead be an Oni disguised as a schoolgirl, thus her/its habit of walking the rural lanes after sunset ?

The latter possibility imparts to the game an unexpected (& intriguing) dimension that leaves me feeling half-glad that the boy didn't look out of the window -- but also half-disappointed that he didn't look out of the window, because I'm now curious know what this somewhat unusual Oni really wanted, & also who it was before it became an Oni.

What a emotional experience.

I was born and raised in Japan, and I feel nostalgic about this game (pastral landscape, singing of insects, バス停). Arigatou!

Oh, thank you so much! We glad you liked our little game.
We feel very nostalgic of Japanese landscapes too. It's such a beautiful country...
Thanks a lot for the video!


Not to bee nitpicky, but how are you nostalgic about Japanese landscapes if you never even entered the country before adulthood?

Because we don't live in Japan anymore and we miss those landscapes so much., such a dedication to deliver this marvelous art in two days *millions thumbs up and loud cheerful claps*

Although short, it has been a sublime experience through the girl's perspective and...


...yeah, you just heard pieces of my heart shattering at that turn of event in the end of the narrative :')

Oh, thank you so much for your very kind message!
This game was done during a workshop with students so we had no idea of how it would look like in the end.
We're glad you found it as moving as we wanted it to be.
This is a huge compliment and it will motivate us to create more games like this one!

Wonderful and very sad :(

Thanks a lot for playing!

What a wonderful, yet sad, game. Your artwork was beautiful and seeing each frame put together in a working game this way was stunning. Well done to all involved and well done on the games since this one that i've played and not realised were yours!

Thank you! It was a great experience for us to work with Game Art students.
They did a good job with the graphics. It's great to collaborate with so many people since we usually work alone.

Well you were all superb. Make moar! :D  I bet you guys could pull off a really atmospheric horror too, your art and style is perfect.

Since Yûrei Station, this is something we're thinking about.
We love horror and we'll probably do a horror game, one of these days.

I loved the yurei station game so I thought I would try this one out to! And again I really Love the art style and everything about this game even the story! Great job! 

Thanks for playing! We're glad you liked the art style and the story !

This is one beautiful well made love story!

Honestly as I played the yurei station I had to play this one :)! Can't wait for more of your games!

Thanks a lot for playing! We'll probably release another of these games in the coming months!

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I absolutely love these your guys games! I played Yurei Station a while ago and had no idea you did two before that.  Again amazing art style and very Miyazaki feeling! Keep them coming!


Thanks a lot! We're glad you liked it!
We'll try to create more games with that kind of style and story.


Enjoyed the short story and I really liked that everything was hand drawn. Very awesome game. great work! Loved playing After School

Thanks a lot for playing our small game! We're glad you liked it!

This game is awesome and has the same cool look as yurei station great job :D

Thanks for playing! We're glad you liked it!

This game is another amazing project from these students! Beautiful and well done! 

Thanks a lot for playing our little game!

I absolutely had to play this after playing through Yurei Station! Another great story with beautifully drawn backgrounds!!! 

Keep up the amazing work Atelier Sento!!

It was one of our first games so the text runs too fast. We should take time to fix that! Sorry!
But even with this problem, you did a great work with the voice acting as usual!
Thanks a lot for the video: we enjoyed it a lot!

Wow I didn't know this was on itchio, otherwise I would have posted my Let's Play here as well as on indiegamestand xD
I really loved the art and the story was pretty interesting as well. I didn't really expect what what would happen. It was also one of the first games that got me to do my Interesting Games playlist :D

Thanks for playing! We're glad you liked this game and its story.
It was our first experiment in making short games.
We should make more of them!

Once I first saw this game is fell absolutely in love with it. As an artist I find the work you have done is so creative and unique and i loved the style. The storyline was so amazing and i cried happiness it was so amazing and i really hope you all continue to create your amazing work

Thanks a lot for your kind words!
Reading such a comment is so motivating. It will inspire us to create more games like this one!

Very beautiful art!


Many thanks for this ! :)

Beautifully done and kind. Enjoyed it a lot !

Thanks a lot!

Just played your game and really enjoyed. Felt really sad and suprised at the game's ending. Great work!

We're really glad you liked it. Thank you!

Great game! I really like the handpainted art. music is also nice.

Thank you for the kind words!

Nice story and art. I love the way you tell the player that he can interact with something using lamp. Good job!
Btw, subtitles dissapear a little to fast.


Thank you. The subtitles are too fast indeed. We should fix that in the future...

Really good. Nice story and atmosphere.

Thanks for the nice words! We didn't have much time to imagine this game so we tried to create a strong atmosphere.

looks like a really fun game

I'm going to play it later because it's really late right now

Thank you! We hope you could find time to play it and we hope you enjoyed it.

love the music, simply great.

Thank you! The music was created with the free software LMMS which contains many beautiful instruments.

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It's the very first time we export to Linux and we feel a little lost. So thank you for your help!

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Nice, I haven't seen anyone creating packages for games yet. It would be great to have a better way to handle downloads. I've created an issue here:

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